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Dimensional Geographic

a final project for Math 8

Suttirat A. Larlaub

Table of Contents

  1. Dimensional Geographic Cover
  2. Franklin Mint Collection Plates Add
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Dimensional Geographic Membership
  5. Editor's Note
  6. Unsung Hero: William Robertson Smith
  7. The Dimensional Enthusiast's Catalog
  8. An Interview with an Average Joe
  9. Intendo Game Add
  10. Yendred's Journal through Ajem Kollosh
  11. Building a Dimensional Library
  12. The Legacy of A Square
  13. 4D Monopoly Add
  14. Banchoff's Hypercube Add
  15. The Dimensional Exhibit

Copyright © 1990 by Suttirat A. Larlaub. All rights reserved.

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