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Using an icon for a link

For those who wish to make a graphical link to this year's Math Awareness Month website, four sizes of images are provided.


File name: MAM01_166.jpg
File size: 7 KB
Image size (pixels): W:112, H:166


File name: MAM01_100.jpg
File size: 5 KB
Image size (pixels): W:70, H: 104


File name: MAM01_75.jpg
File size: 3 KB
Image size (pixels): W:52, H:79

MAM 2001, small

File name: MAM01_50.jpg
File size: 2 KB
Image size pixels: W: 35, H: 52


  1. Download the image:
    Netscape: Right-click on the image, choose "Save Image As," browse to find the folder in which your web pages are stored, and save it there.
    Internet Explorer: Right-click on the image, choose "Save Picture As," browse to find the folder in which your web pages are stored, and save it there.
  2. Use your web-authoring program to insert the image and make a link to the MAM website: /mam/01/
  3. Upload your revised web page AND the image file.

More Detailed Instructions

Most web-authoring programs include an option to "import a picture." After you import the picture, select it and make the link.


If you prefer to insert the appropriate HTML code directly in to your web page, four versions of the code are provided below. Each assumes that you have copied that picture into the same folder as your web page.

<A HREF="/mam/01/"><IMG SRC="images/MAM01_166.jpg" WIDTH=112 HEIGHT=166 ALT="MAM 2001" BORDER=0></A>

<A HREF="/mam/01/"><IMG SRC="images/MAM01_100.jpg" WIDTH=70 HEIGHT=104 ALT="MAM 2001" BORDER=0></A>

<A HREF="/mam/01/"><IMG SRC="images/MAM01_75.jpg" WIDTH=52 HEIGHT=79 ALT="MAM 2001" BORDER=0></A>

<A HREF="/mam/01/"><IMG SRC="images/MAM01_50.jpg" WIDTH=35 HEIGHT=52 ALT="MAM 2001" BORDER=0></A>

  • If you stored the image file somewhere besides the same folder as your web page, you'll need to modify the filename in this command to indicate the correct path to the file.
  • The ALT portion of the command is optional. It provides an text description of a graphic to help viewers who have turned off graphics or visually impaired people who have an automated reader for web pages, which obviously can't "read" graphics.
  • The BORDER portion of the command is optional. Setting it at zero means that, when you make a link from the picture, the browser will not insert a border on your picture.
  • The WIDTH and HEIGHT portions are required. Using different values will adjust the presentation of the picture. If you wish for the picture to be smaller or larger, you will have better results by resizing the image in image-editing software rather than changing the size in the HTML code. For this reason, four sizes have been provided here for you to choose among.

With thanks to Mary Parker, Austin Community College. Please send comments about using these icons to

Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.