Math Awareness Month - April 2003

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Links to Web Sites on Mathematics and Art
This is the official web site for the artist M.C. Escher. It features many of his prints and most of his 136 symmetry drawings. In addition, the "Downloads" section contains digital video mpeg files that are virtual "fly-throughs" of three prints: "Belvidhre," "Waterfall," and "Ascending and Descending."
This is a web site of a survey course on mathematics in art and architecture by Paul Calter at Dartmouth College.
This is a web site on a course on Mathematics in Art by Helmer Aslaksen at the National University of Singapore.
This outstanding site features the work of George W. Hart, a computer scientist and award winning sculptor of constructive geometric forms, who deals with patterns and relationships derived from classical ideals of balance and symmetry. The site has articles written by Hart and interviews with Hart.
This site features mathematically inspired sculptures by the award winning artist Helaman Ferguson.
This site features mathematically inspired sculptures, puzzles and jewelry by the award winning artist Charles O. Perry.
This is Jill Britton's spectacular web site on Symmetry and Tessellations with numerous activities and links to many other sites on related topics. A wonderful web site for K-12 teachers and students.
An excellent site on Escher's work and related math.
This web site provides a discussion on the use of mathematics to create precise perspective drawings.
These sites provides information on the mathematics of paper folding.
This site allows users to design a poster or quilt.
The first site listed shows how mathematics can be used to make a poster. The second site has posters made by students.
The web site of BRIDGES, an annual international conference of mathematical connections in art, music, and science.
This site created by Nat Friedman explores the relationship between mathematics and sculptures.
This site has images created by using Mathematica.
A web site (even with animation) on the mathematical completion of Escher's print "Print Gallery" by a team at the University of Leiden.
A web site about harmony and proportion by John Boyd-Brent, (Royal College of Art).
IllusionWorks web site. Al Seckel & others site with many illustrations of different kinds of illusions. (Cick on Hall of Illusions; also from there, click on Art Gallery.)
A proposal for a museum of Harmony and Golden Section as well as other material.
This is a web site on a course in Mathematics and Art by Marc Franz.
VIEWPOINTS is a series of workshops for college and high school instructors on the connections between Mathematics and Art, and the power of those connections to add interest and excitement to the presentation of either subject.
This site features several art pieces that illustrate the concept of symmetry.
This site has interesting fractal-like designs by Slavik Jablan.
This site features sculptures by John Robinson inspired by mathematical shapes.
This site has surreal three dimensional mathematical sculptures by Zarko Mijajlovich.
This site features the art of Bob Brill. Brill makes art by composing simple computer algorithms that generate imagery. His art is dedicated to making visible the beauty of mathematics
Artist Clifford Singer creates art works to represent and reflect geometries throughout time. Geometrical mechanics and constructions with color form the fundamental components in the building process of his work.
This commercial site offers products about tessellations, polyhedra, new perspectives (anamorphic art), fractals, M.C. Escher, tangrams and dissections, kaleidoscopes and symmetry, paper folding, and an article "Why combine math and art?"
A company that makes Puzzellations, Colorful Connectables, and Perpetual Patterns puzzles, plus a variety of other products inspired by M.C. Escher, Roger Penrose, Benoit Mandelbrot, and others.
This is the site of The International Society of the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture. It has an extensive directory of links to many math and art websites.
Bob Bosch uses integer programming methods to construct pictures out of complete sets of double nine dominoes. This website displays some of his work, including pictures of two installations: a 16-set portrait of Marilyn Monroe, and a 12-set portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.
This site shows imaginary gardens of flowers and trees created with mathematical algorithms.
Joe Malkevitch wrote the April Feature Column "Mathematics and Art" to coordinate with Math Awareness Month.
This site maintained by Paul Fishwick is dedicated to the idea of Aesthetic Computing, which promotes the application of art theory and practice to computing and the representation of mathematical ideas through visual means.
A mathematical analysis of Escher's "The Print Shop," including an image of the original print. In particular, see the article (PDF format) "Artful Mathematics: The Heritage of M.C. Escher."

Books on Mathematics and Art

Claude P. Bruter, Mathematics and Art, Springer, 2002.

Kimberly Elam, Geometry of Design, Princeton Architectural Press, 2001.

Michele Emmer, The Visual Mind, MIT Press, 1993.

Claire Ferguson and Helaman Ferguson, Mathematics in Stone and Bronze, Meridian Creative Group, 1994.

Michael Field and Martin Golubitsky, Symmetry in Chaos: A Search for Pattern in Mathematics, Art, and Nature, Oxford University Press, 1996.

Claire Ferguson and Helaman Ferguson, Mathematics in Stone and Bronze Meridian Creative Group, 1994.

J.V. Field, The Invention of Infinity: Mathematics and Art in the Renaissance, Oxford, 1997.

Ivona Grzegorczyk, Mathematics and Fine Arts, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 2000.

Jay Kappraff, Connections: The Geometric Bridge Between Art and Science, Vol. 25, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2001.

Jerry P. King, The Art of Mathematics, Perseus Publ., 1992.

Christine L. Kinsey and Teresa E. Moore, Symmetry, Shape and Space, Key College Publ., 2002.

Ivars Peterson, Fragments of Infinity, Wiley, 2001.

Doris Schattschneider, M. C. Escher: Visions of Symmetry, W. H. Freeman and Company, 1990.

M.C. Escher's Legacy: A Centennial Celebration, book and CD Rom, edited by D. Schattschneider and M. Emmer, Springer-Verlag, 2003. (Articles by 40 artists and scientists whose work was directly inspired by Escher.)

Stephen Wilson, Information Arts Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology, MIT Press, 2001.

Speakers on Mathematics and Art

The following people have indicated a willingness to speak on Mathematics & Art at campuses and meetings. Please contact the speaker directly to make arrangements. The MAA, AMS and SIAM do not provide funding for the speakers.

Bob Bosch
Department of Mathematics, Oberlin College
(440) 775-8384

Bob Brill

Anne Burns
Professor of Mathematics, Long Island University
C.W. Post Campus
Brookville, NY 11548

Paul Calter
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus, Vermont Technical College
Visiting Scholar, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
(802) 728-5042

Annalisa Crannell
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA 17604-3003
(717) 291-4222

Douglas Dunham
Department of Computer Science
University of Minnesota Duluth
Duluth, MN 55812-2496
(218) 726-7510

Florence D. Fasanelli
Associate Program Director
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20005
tel: 202-326-6784
fax: 202-371-9849

Helaman and Claire Ferguson
Joint Policy Board for Mathematics
Communications Awardees for 2002
10512 Pilla Terra Court
Laurel, Maryland 20723-5728
telephones and faxes:
(301) 805-7418 (messages in bowie)
(202) 321-9628 (helaman cell and studio in bowie)
(202) 422-4270 (claire cell)
(301) 604-4270 (home and claire)
(301) 766-0499 (fax in laurel)
(301) 805-7604 (fax in bowie)

Marc Frantz
Department of Mathematics
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405

Nat Friedman
Department of Mathematics
University at Albany
Albany, NY 12222
518-456-4390 or 518-442-4621

George W. Hart
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Computer Science
Stony Brook, NY 11794

Charles O. Perry

Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.