Math Awareness Month 2015

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Mathematics Awareness Month – April 2015
Related Resources

The following resources related to this year's theme are freely accessible.

American Mathematical Society (AMS)

AMS Mathematical Moments, a series of posters that promote appreciation and understanding of the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology and human culture. Many include podcast interviews with individuals who use mathematical sciences in their jobs.

AMS Posters, including "What Can I Do With a Math Degree?", "Powered by Math," "Women Doing Mathematics", "When Will I Use Math?", showing types of careers that involve mathematical sciences - in medicine, entertainment, space exploration, energy, and more.

Feature Column, a series of essays including the April 2015 column by Joe Malkevitch, "Mathematical Careers". Also see columns on how math drives developments in areas such as 3D printing, sustainability, Web searching, film animation, and internet security.

Math in the Media, a survey of math and mathematicians in the news, such as "The Best And Worst Jobs For 2014," (those with degrees in mathematical sciences rank #1), "Math Might Help Nail Oceans' Plastic 'Garbage Patch' Polluters," "Katia Koelle Models How Viruses Turn Deadly," "How math is growing more strawberries in California" and more.

Career Information. Learn more about how mathematics can help build your career.

Conversation on Nonacademic Employment, a session at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings. Panelists talked about how they got their jobs and how they use mathematical sciences in their "BIG" jobs (in business, industry and government), and answered questions from students such as "What experiences do the panelists suggest for undergraduates and graduates to prepare for their careers?" "What might a typical work day in BIG be like?" "What are the best ways to find jobs in BIG?"

Data on the Profession. Information on trends in the mathematical sciences community in the Annual Survey, the CBMS Survey, and other government data reports.

Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences. Statistics on mathematics education, PhD production, faculty size and salaries, employment trends, and demographics.

American Statistical Association (ASA)

American Statistical Association (ASA) Career Center: Statisticians are in high demand in a wide variety of fields. As the largest professional association for statisticians in the world, the ASA serves as the main clearinghouse for information about jobs, careers, and employment for the statistical profession.

THIS is STATISTICS: See for yourself all the great things you can do with a career in statistics.

StatTrak: A site geared toward individuals who are in a statistics program, recently graduated from a statistics program, or recently entered the job world – for statistics professionals navigating a data-centric world

World of Statistics: Includes information like “what is statistics?,” statistics as a career, teacher resources, and more.

Significance brings you a statistical view of what's going on in the world.

Chance – a magazine for people interested in the analysis of data

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

SIAM Careers in Applied Math. This guide provides answers to questions about careers in applied mathematics and computational science and profiles of professionals working in a variety of environments for which a strong background in mathematics is necessary for success.

SIAM Careers Resources, Including a job board, search resources, internship opportunity listings and more.

Math Matters, Apply It. An applied mathematics awareness campaign designed to highlight the math and technologies behind everyday life. The one-page PDF flyers explaining a variety of concepts are especially appropriate for middle and high school students and are available for download in English, with some translated into Spanish.

SIAM Nuggets. Select articles from SIAM journals are boiled down to a popular science level, making current research work being done in the math application areas more accessible to a general audience.

SIAM Presents. An audio, slide, and video archive of presentations and brief video clips recorded at SIAM conferences to share the exciting and valuable work being done in math applications.

Also of interest A site that lists over 40 careers and the math used in each.

Why Do Math Why. Nodes highlight mathematical and computational tools that can solve problems across a wide range of disciplines.

Master's in Data Science. Information on career paths that involve data science and data analysis.

Data Science Graduate Programs and Careers.