Mathematics Awareness Week 1996

MathConn 96

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MathConn 96

MathConn 96 was held on Wednesday, April 10, 1996, at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. In attendance were 324 seventh and eighth grade girls from 53 schools in PA, NJ, and DE and their teachers.

Special introductory presentation was "The Answer Is?" by Dean Theodore Hartz, College of Business, Kutztown University. Students heard panel sessions on mathematics in the E.R., decision making in forensic science, math and the news, and brain teasers. They also took part in the Mary Ellen Rudin Problem Discovery Session where they solved problems in groups of four. Hands-On sessions were varied and included: predicting the future, process control using a catapult, the efficiency of banking, lasers and sunglasses, and graphical computer puzzles.

Keynote speaker for students was Dr. Kay B. Somers of Moravian College. Her talk entitled "A Variety of Decisions" addressed the use of mathematics in decision making in selecting a bike, estimating a population of fish in a lake, and game theory examples.

Teachers selected from workshops including ways to help girls improve on the SAT, a visit to a 4/10 scale model of a space shuttle, multicultural games, and a math sneaker unit.

Keynote speaker for teachers was Dr. Carla Schultes of Salisbury State University. Her presentation included the use of mathematical models in middle school teaching.

The closing session including talks be Dr. Gerald L. Engel of the University of Connecticut, Stamford, US Representative Paul McHale, Peter W.C. Mather (Vice President, Management Information Services, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.) and Norman G. Schaffer (Engineering Associates).

Surprise of the day was the announcement by President Dorothy G. Blaney of Cedar Crest College of a $20,000 endowment by Frank Morgan of Williams College and his mother Brennie Morgan so that MathConn will live forever.

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See also an article on past MathConn events, written by Regina Brunner.

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