Mathematics Awareness Week 1996

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MAA Program of Visiting Lecturers for 1995-96

This page consists of excerpts from the Mathematical Association of America booklet selected to reflect "Mathematics and Decision Making," the 1996 Mathematics Awareness Week theme. For the booklet or further information on this program, contact Jane Heckler at the MAA.

MAA visiting lecturers are prepared to give formal lectures as well as to confer with students and faculty. They will be glad to discuss opportunities for graduate study and employment with students, and they will cooperate with the department in all ways possible to further the aims of the mathematics program.

Typically a visit by a lecturer lasts either one full day or two half days (from the afternoon of one day to the morning of the next).

Selection of a Visitor

The list of lecturers includes mathematicians with a wide range of interests in elementary and advanced mathematics. Some are applied mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, or actuaries. Some have a special interest in the problems of the developing college, or in mathematics for two-year colleges.

Visit Arrangements

Colleges are expected to make arrangements for MAA lecture visits directly with the lecturer whose service is desired. Addresses of all lecturers in the program appear in the list of lecturers.

The cost of a visit may include transportation and accommodations. Lecture visits can ordinarily be accomplished in one day. The financial arrangements should be clearly understood and agreed to before the visit. Payment of expenses should be made directly to the lecturer in accordance with your university policy.

Some of the visiting lecturers have indicated that their institutions may be able to help with travel expenses. Those lecturers are indicated in the listing by an asterisk.

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