Mathematics Awareness Week 1996

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Resources for Math and Decision Making:
Software, Teaching Aids, Web Sites, etc.

More Resources for Math and Decision Making

CHANCE Database
Materials designed to be helpful in teaching a CHANCE case study course based on current chance events as reported in daily newspapers and current journals and to supplement work in a more traditional probability or statistics course that introduces current events. Of particular note on this database is the biweekly newsletter, CHANCE News.

Computer Undercut - A Decision Making Game
The Math Awareness Week theme is depicted in a game, "Undercut," developed by Douglas Hofstadter and used by Jonathan Choate and members of his advanced topics in mathematics class.

Excerpts from the MAA Visiting Lecturers Program
Are you thinking about getting a visiting lecturer for Math Awareness Week? For advice on this matter, please see our page of excerpts from the MAA Program of Visiting Lecturers for 1995-96. Included is a list of lecture topics which relate to the theme of MAW '96, Mathematics and Decision Making.

Operations Research + You = An Exciting Career
A package for high school students and teachers that demonstrates the relevance and excitement of operations research and mathematics in general. Using a combination of videotape, computer software, exercises, and text, this package is an invaluable teaching aid for introducing operations research concepts.

Decision Making Software Companies
A list of links to web sites for decision making software companies.

Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.