McNair Academic H.S. Math Club

The Math Club at McNair Academic High School was begun this year under the guidance of Victorina Wasmuth, a cherished and revered math teacher. Even though it is such a young club, it draws well over thirty members from a student body of four-hundred students. The mission and purpose of the Math Club is provide a forum for individuals that have an uncommon interest in math through meetings, field trips, speakers, and celebrations. In addition, the club seeks to reach out to the student body of McNair Academic and to the general community of Jersey City through math contests, newsletters, and family afternoons.

At McNair Academic High School, there is a selection of eclectic members in the Math Club. Most, if not all, are excellent math students, but that is not the main element that brings this group together. The crux of each individual in the Math Club is his or her love, respect, curiosity, and genuine appreciation for math. Each of the members has a dedication to, and understanding of, the importance of the subject in academic pursuits and in commonplace applications. In addition to their extraordinary talents in math, the students posses exceptional skills in such areas as science, the visual arts, the vocal arts, and writing. Some are National Merit Finalists, Westinghouse Scholars, Tandy Tech Scholars, feature article writers for The Jersey Journal, co-authors of scientific research papers, actors in school and community productions, and yearbook editors.

Math Club Activities for Math Awareness Week: Computer/Math Games

In order to promote mathematics awareness and computer literacy through the school, the Math Club will be sponsoring two activities that combine both areas. For the past month, club members and outside participants have been searching the Math World Wide Web sites for contests and games dealing with mathematics. During Math Awareness Week, these puzzles and games will be distributed throughout the school. Certificates and prizes will be offered for students who come up with the clearest or most creative solutions.

The Math Club is also encouraging students to try their hands at making their own computer games that deal with mathematics. The AP Computer Science class and the students with the most programming experience will lead the way in this effort, but the offer is open to all throughout the school. The computerized math games must be original, programmed in Pascal, and submitted on a floppy disk in a condition ready for use. The Math Club will evaluate these games prior to the Math Awareness Week and award a number of prizes for the best games in different categories. Many of the games will also be available on the school's computer network for the student body to try through the Math Awareness Week.

MAHS Math Awareness Week Web Site

Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.