McNair Academic H.S. Math Club Constitution

We, the students of Dr.Ronald McNair Academic High School, in order to engender keener interest , appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics do form this constitution for the Math Club of McNair Academic High School.

Article 1 - Membership

Membership of the Math Club shall consist of those students able, willing, and dedicated to carry out those obligations set forth in this charter.

Article 2 - Elections

Election of officers shall be held every academic year for the purpose of establishing a sound leadership

Section 1. Voting shall be accompanied through the secret ballot and distinct lists of all candidates shall be made to inform voters of the candidates running in each office.

Section 2. Votes will be counted by the moderator and the officers will be determined by majority in their respective offices. In the event of a tie, the voting process shall be repeated for the tied candidates.

Section 3. In the case of removal, discharge, or resignation of the president from his/her office, succession will occur for the vice president to the president. Election for the vice-president and any other vacant offices shall be repeated to find competent officers.

Article 3 - Duties of the Officers

Section 1. The President shall be the head of the club, and will have to obtain approval from the advisor before proceeding with an agenda. The agenda shall be arrived at jointly with the other officers. The President shall furthermore oversee that each officer fulfills his or her duties. He or she shall faithfully conduct and preside over meetings in which club related information shall be disseminated to the members. Finally, the President is responsible for the correct execution of the rules and regulations of the Constitution of the Math Club.

Section 2. The Vice-President shall assist and advise the President and preside over meetings in the event the President is unable to conduct them. Furthermore, the Vice-President shall assist in the execution of the rules stated in the Math Club Constitution.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep written records of meetings in the form of minutes and attendance. Minutes of Previous meetings shall be kept on file for future reference. Furthermore, matters arising from the previous minutes that are pertinent to further events shall be read at following meetings.

Section 4. The treasurer shall advise the club on financial matters. Upon approval, he or she shall oversee the collection of money raised from fund-raisers. He or she shall honestly keep accurate records of the transactions therein.

Clause that applies to all officers: In the event that an officer cannot fulfill his/her duties to the club, a meeting shall be held between the officer and the advisor where his /her resignation shall be required.

Article 4 - Attendance

All members of the McNair Academic Math Club are required to be prompt and regular in their attendance of meetings. Any member can, at the most, miss four club meetings per semester without excuse. A meeting is counted as missed if the member is not present for a complete meeting. An absence is excused if and only if the student is absent from the whole day of school or is sent home after part of the day. After four unexcused meetings, missed meetings, the member will be asked to resign from club membership.

Article 5 - The Advisor

The club advisor must be in attendance at all meetings held. In the case that the advisor is not able to attend, he or she will find a substitute to moderate the meeting(s). The duty of the advisor will be to act as a liaison between the club and the administration. The responsibilities of the advisor include:

1. setting up a regular schedule for the activity with the administration of Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School;

2. clearing with the administration of Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School dates for projects and other activities;

3. informing students of the rules and regulations of the school which are applicable at any school sponsored activity;

4. assisting the members of the club in planning activities for the school year.

Article 6 - Activities

The activities of the Math Club must be geared toward the fulfillment of its purpose for existence as indicated in the beginning of this Constitution. Activities must be in the form of club or school wide contests, tutoring, campaigns, or presentations that will enhance math awareness and appreciation.

Article 7 - Meetings

Meetings shall be conducted every other Tuesday of the month. Meetings shall be held at least twice a month.

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