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New Hampshire
Rivier College - Nashua, NH
  • Workshops covered the following topics: the State of New Hampshire and its venture into the Internet, business on the Internet, connecting to and experiencing the Internet, exploring math sites on the Web, and using Web development software. Participants, high school sophomore and junior girls, used laboratory facilities to experience the Internet and the Web live.

New Jersey
The College of New Jersey - Trenton, NJ
  • Math Club speaker: "Some Applications of Mathematics in Telecommunications," Michael Tortorella, manager of the Design for Reliability Processes and Technologies Group at Bell Labs.
Cumberland County College - Vineland, NJ
  • Three Workshops on Use of TI-82 and TI-92 Graphics Calculators were open to the community.
  • A hands-on Workshop on STELLA mathematics modeling software for faculty, techs and students was conducted.
  • Math faculty attended a local high school's demonstration of their Applied Mathematics/Technology Lab.
Jersey City State College - Jersey City, NJ
  • Series of 15-minute lectures - topics included: economics, mathematics, art, chemistry, academic computing, physics and computer science.
McNair Academic High School - Jersey City, NJ
  • Web site created to commemorate the first annual MAW in Jersey City. It featured an overview of the newly established Math Club, background on the high school and a summary of MAW events.
New Jersey Mathematics Coalition
  • 250 events state-wide for example, several schools sponsored family math nights and poster contests.

New York
Canisius College - Buffalo, NY
  • Talk: "Trig and Chips: How calculators (and computers) figure out transcendental functions." We invited local high school students who had been accepted into our incoming freshman class and who had indicated some interest in math or math education to a talk. A pizza party followed for these students, our current math and math education majors, and the math faculty.
Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
  • Math department members shared an array of Web sites.
S.U.N.Y. - Oneonta, NY
  • Math Education student teachers shared ideas for math lessons from web sites they found.
  • Workshop: "Internet for educators."
  • Ken Morgan, IBM Labs, spoke on "Issue of security on the Internet"
  • Jim Greenberg, Computer Science, presented "Introduction to building your own web pages."

Lakeland Community College - Kirtland, OH
  • "Problem of the day."
  • Scavenger hunts on the Internet.
  • Lectures: Fred Law, Science and Health Technology Dean, spoke on the "Economics of the Trial of the Century." The President delivered the keynote address entitled "Return to Mars."
  • Film festival: "Images of Chaos," "Math: Who Needs it?," and "Focus on Fractals."
Ohio State University - Columbus, OH
  • Undergraduate recognition ceremony.
  • Certificates were presented to 50 students majoring in Mathematics or Actuarial Science whose contributions to the university community were substantial complements to their superb academic achievements.
  • Two individuals received special recognition as recipients of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships, only 285 of which are awarded nationally.
  • The Math Department also gave public recognition to several faculty members at a reception.
Raymond Walters College - Blue Ash, OH
  • The mathematics, physics and computer science department held its 2nd annual Math Awareness Week contest, our "Road Rally on the Information SuperHighway", an Internet scavenger hunt.

Allegheny College - Meadville, PA
  • Exhibitions of mathematical artwork, posters, career opportunities, short articles, and pictures of department faculty and students in the Campus Center and Carr Hall lobbies.
  • Movie: "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land."
  • Problem solving contest: T-shirts and prizes were awarded.
Bryn Mawr College - Bryn Mawr, PA
  • Talk: "Graduate Opportunities in Industrial Math" Professor Peter Monk, University of Delaware.
  • Tables were set up with puzzles and games.
  • Movie: "I.Q."
  • Bryn Mawr-Haverford Math Colloquim. Keynote speaker Professor Kit Kittappa of Millersville University.
  • Career panel was held to discuss the many career options.
Cedar Crest College: MathConn 97 - Allentown, PA
  • 7th and 8th grade girls attended lectures and workshops designed to expose them to mathematical ideas and career opportunities, while their teachers participated in sessions on math education.
  • In a computer lab, a number of the Math Forum's middle school level math projects were introduced; students explorations followed.
Gettysburg College - Gettysburg, PA
  • Hosted a discussion by Owen Roizman, a Gettysburg alumnus who majored in mathematics and became one of Hollywood's great cinematographers. He received numerous honors, including five Academy Award nominations.
  • Requested and received a Proclamation from Governor Ridge of Pennsylvania declaring Mathematics Awareness Week in Pennsylvania. Copies of the proclamation were displayed and read at the spring meetings of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware and the Allegheny Mountain Sections of the MAA.
  • Designed a T-shirt with the 1997 Mathematics Awareness Week theme "Mathematics and the Internet" and distributed T-shirts to our students and area high schools.
  • Organized our department's annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at which our top students presented the results of their independent research investigations in a setting similar to that of a professional mathematics meeting.
  • Celebrated and relaxed with our annual mathematics, computer science, and physics picnic.
Gwynedd-Mercy College - Gwynedd Valley, PA
  • Students were encouraged to answer a number of questions on our web site. These included: 1. What is a googol? 2. What is a nibble? 3. What is a prime number? 4. Why are prime numbers so important to security on the Internet? 5. What is the largest known prime number? 6. How many digits are needed to write the largest known prime number in standard notation? 7. What number sieve is still the most efficient way of finding small primes (e.g. those less than 1,000,000)? 8. What mathematics makes it possible to store 7,000 color photographs in the multimedia encyclopedia, Encarta, on one CD-ROM and display them on a computer monitor? 9. What is CRC-16? 10. What is a dodecahedron? 11. What is the title of the cover art on this month's AMS journal? 12. What are wavelets? 13. What do finite fields, cyclic groups, and vector spaces have to do with CD players? 14. What are the prime factors of 8051? 15. What are the prime factors of 2^251 - 1 ? 16. What size (number of digits) numbers are currently used by RSA public-key data encryption schemes? 17. A relation which is any set of ordered n-tuples is the basic discrete mathematical structure of today's databases. Who is the mathematician that introduced relational databases? 18. What is another discrete mathematical structure commonly used in relational databases? 19. Without the aid of computers, six largest known prime numbers were discovered from 1588 to 1951. How many largest known prime numbers have been found with the aid of computers from 1951 to 1996? 20. What is a Mersenne prime? 21. What is a titanic prime?
Lycoming College - Williamsport, PA
  • Sponsored a local MAD for 7th-graders from a number of local schools. Undergraduates planned the event, splitting up the six- person groups from each middle school into some six teams, and then taking them through a number of presentations and activities in rotation. The activities were:
    • Mathematics (and science) resources on the Web [hands-on].
    • Probability and simulation [hands-on].
    • Geometry [hands-on].
    • Puzzlers and games [hands-on].
    • Careers in, or involving, mathematics (by our career-development person).
Messiah College - Grantham, PA
  • 9th and 10th grades at local high schools were invited along with their teachers, to spend the day on campus with mathematics faculty and students. Activities included guest speakers from on and off campus, a problem solving contest, and an afternoon exploring interesting mathematics sites on the Internet.
Penn State Altoona - Altoona, PA
  • Held a different math contest every day during MAW.
Slippery Rock University - Slippery Rock, PA
  • A special bulletin board was prepared to include articles pertaining to mathematics, codes and the internet.
  • The Math Club discussed encryption and the RSA scheme.
University of Scranton - Scranton, PA
  • A lecture on using non-Euclidean geometry for communicating with space probes, stacking spheres, and betting on football games was offered.
  • A student at East Scranton Intermediate School received an award presentation for placing third in the state American Junior High School Mathematics Examination.
  • An introduction to the WWW and its search engines was followed by a mathematics treasure hunt on the Web.
  • Several lectures were offered that were open to the public.

Rhode Island
Rhode Island College - Providence, RI
  • Students attended a talk on "Mathematics and the Internet" by Joyce Oster, and a workshop on "Building a Web Page" by Mariano Rodrigues.
  • Presentation on assessing children's mathematical problem solving abilities by Ann Seitsinger.
  • Discussion of non-Euclidean geometries by James Bierden as part of a college colloquium on pluralism.

Collin County Community College - Plano, TX
  • A reception was held with a speaker; math instructors invited their best students who were honored with certificates.
Prairie View A&M University - Prairie View, TX
  • Mathematics Department held an open house - several presentations were given.
  • A "virtual tour" of other colleges and universities took place.
  • Academic systems provided a software demonstration.
  • "Mathematics Jeopardy" hosted by the Mathematics Graduate Students.
  • A mathematics olympiad was offered for elementary students.
  • MAW poster contest.
  • Area high school students participated in a Mathematics Career Awareness program.
  • Scavenger hunt.
Tarrant County Jr. College - Hurst, TX
  • Students were able to surf the Net and ask questions in the lobby of the Arts and Technology Building.
  • Dots were laid out on a grid approximating a map of major campus buildings. A contest was held to connect the dots in the shortest path.
University of Houston-Victoria and Victoria College - Houston, TX
  • Math contest was held for high school students and two scholarships were awarded to winners.
  • Lectures: "Number Theory for Internet Security" by Dr. Salam Salloum, and "Math in Matter of Seconds," Nancy Knobles.
  • Hands-on internet session.
  • Film: "Application of Numerical Models to Environmental Study and Predictions."
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor - Belton, TX
  • Several films were shown including: "The Video Guide to the Internet," "Films of Charles and Ray Eames," "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land," "The Pythagorean Theorem," and "Math: Who Needs it?"
  • Students and faculty did experiments in fractals, iterations, and graphing.
University of Texas of the Permian Basin - Permian Basin, TX
  • Local high school students were invited for a Math and the Internet day.
  • A lecture on cryptography was given that included its use on the Internet.
  • A faculty member gave a talk on communications networks, and one of our students gave a demonstration of web page design.

University of Vermont - Burlington, VT
  • 1997 Math Awareness T-Shirts were sold at the Math Department.
  • The 8th Annual UVM Math Awareness Poster Contest for students in grades K through 8 was sponsored.
  • The UVM Student Chapter of the MAA (a.k.a. the Mathclub) sponsored a radio call-in contest. Winners each received a T-Shirt.
  • Several lectures were given: "When Light Mixes with Water," Kurt E. Oughston, University of Vermont; "Mathematical Modeling of DNA," Prof. James Bozeman; "The Mathematics of Communication on the Internet," Prof. Charles Colbourn.

Sewells Point Elementary - Norfolk, VA
  • Students made glyphs - an interesting way to represent data. The glyphs are shaped like wrist watches, as the Norfolk Public Schools theme for Math Month is "Take Time for Math". Different details on the watches will represent various personal characteristics for each student.
VA Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg, VA
  • Second Annual Virginia Tech Mathematics Education Month Poster Contest was one of the most successful activities. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade submitted posters on the theme "Mathematics: the Language of the Universe."
  • Puzzle Contest for grades 9-12 in local public schools - solutions were judged by members of the Virginia Tech Math Department according to how students approached the problem and how well the students explained and supported their reasoning.
  • Dr. Ezra Brown presented a public lecture, "Love Letters, M&Ms and Circe's Cave." The talk concerned public key cryptography, a system for sending secret messages.
  • A hands-on set of workshops included: "The Language of the Universe," and "Fun in the Fourth Dimension."
  • Students from public schools participated in the World_s Largest Math Event. Promoted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, it was a continuation of the spirit of celebrating with students and teachers from around the globe that mathematics is a vital part of life itself.
Virginia Wesleyan College - Norfolk, VA
  • Internet scavenger hunt; prizes were awarded.
  • Undercut Tournament - $100 prize.
  • Talk: "Search Theory: Finding Sunken Treasure" by Robert Overton of the International Research Institute.
  • Film: "Breaking the Code."
  • Students visited the Math Chat Page and asked math professors any math questions they wanted.

Eastern Washington University - Cheney, WA
  • Regional Washington State Mathematics Council's High School Mathematics Contest.
  • Regional Middle School Mathematics Olympiad.
Seattle Pacific University - Seattle, WA
  • Old calculating devices were on display in the math and science building.
  • Lecture: "Math and the Web," Dr. Phil Prins from Seattle Pacific University.
  • Dr. Stephen Keeler from Boeing gave a talk on "Getting Math Off the Ground" and a presentation on "Boeing's Geometric Modeling Research Program."

West Virginia
Marshall University - Huntington, WV
  • Workshop; "Mathematical Resources on the Internet" for local high school students.
  • Mathematics videos were shown.
  • MAW poster and related materials were on display for the month.

Carthage College - Kenosha, WI
  • The Mathematics Department and the Math Club sponsored a Natural Science Division Colloquium.
  • Talk: "Symmetries of Culture: An Unorthodox Application of Mathematics."
  • Mathematics scavenger hunt: prizes were awarded.
University of Wisconsin-Marathon County - Wausau, WI
  • A meeting of local math educators from local high schools and colleges took place, and a presentation on mathematics on the Internet was given.
University of Wisconsin-Platteville - Platteville, WI
  • A display was arranged which included a proclamation by Tommy Thompson, Governor of Wisconsin, of MAW in Wisconsin.

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Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.