Mathematics Awareness Week - April 1998

Mathematics and Imaging

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Planning and Advertising - Math Awareness Week
Get Involved
  • MAW Announcement - February 1998
    The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics extended an invitation to participate in MAW 98.
    Plan Events
  • MAW OpEd for Local Use
    Modify and send this letter to your weekly and/or college newspaper.
  • Media Coverage Tips
    How to increase local media coverage of your MAW events.
  • Recommended Visiting Lecturers
    Invite a mathematician to speak at your institution.
  • MAW 97 Outreach Activities
    Descriptions of MAW 97 celebrations; the theme was Math and the Internet.
  • Ideas for MAW Events
    Suggested activities, based on what people did for MAW 96.
  • Collect Resources
  • MAW Poster Order Form
    Information on how to order the MAW 97 theme poster (or posters from past events).
  • Mathematical Sciences Career Information
    Brochures and booklets of interest to math students.

  • Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.