Mathematics Awareness Week - April 1998

Mathematics and Imaging

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Mathematical Sciences - Career Information

From the
    American Mathematical Society (AMS)
    PO Box 6248
    Providence, RI 02940
Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences
Updated annually. $20.00 + #3.00 for shipping.
Careers in Mathematics
Brochure for high school students developed by the Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities. Free.
Graduate Student Services
Brochure describing access to current employment opportunities. Free.
Seeking Employment in the Mathematical Sciences
Booklet for post graduates developed by the Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities. First copy $5.00, additional copies $1.00.

From the
    Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
    PO Box 91112
    Washington, DC 20090-1112
    800/331-1622 or 301/617-7800
    301/206-9789 fax
101 Careers in Mathematics
Autobiographical essays of people with solid preparation in the mathematical sciences who have exciting, good-paying jobs. $20.00 ($16.00 for MAA members) per copy.
Careers in the Mathematical Sciences - More Careers in the Mathematical Sciences
Six brief autobiographies describing the role that mathematics has played in their careers. First copy free, 2-99 copies $.25 each, 100 or more $.20 each.
Mathematical Scientists at Work
A 32-page color booklet of autobiographies of individuals with a variety of careers in the mathematical sciences. $3.00 each for 1-9 copies, $2.75 each for 10-99 copies, $2.50 each for 100 or more copies.
Mathematicians at Work
An extensive collection of personal statements along with general information concerning mathematical professions. $5.00 for the set of 18.
She Does Math!
Describes the careers, including their various mathematical aspects, of 38 professional women. $27.50 ($20.95 for MAA members) per copy.

From the
    Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
    3600 University City Science Center
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688
Careers in Applied Mathematics
Brochure with information on careers in applied mathematics focusing on what to do with a BA or MA. Available after 3/1/97.
AMS-SIAM Mathematical Sciences Career Information Web Site
Careers of mathematicians working in industry, business or government are featured. Included are profiles of four professionals whose careers demonstrate the range of opportunities available to mathematicians.

From the
    American Statistical Association (ASA)
    1429 Duke Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314-3402
    703/684-1221, fax 703/684-2037
Careers in Statistics
Brochure describing careers in statistics. First 25 copies free, additional copies $.25.
Minorities: Looking for a Challenge? What About Statistics?
Brochure describing opportunities for minorities in statistics. First 25 copies free, additional copies $.10.
Statistics as a Career: Women at Work
Brochure describing opportunities for women in statistics. First 25 copies free, additional copies $.10.
Women and Statistics
Brochure describing opportunities for women in statistics. Single copy is free. Contact ASA for multiple or bulk copies.

From the
    Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
    University of Maryland
    4114 Computer & Space Sciences Bldg.
    College Park, MD 20742-2461
Careers that Count
18 page booklet describing career opportunities in the mathematical sciences. $1.50 per copy, ten or more copies are $1.00 each.
Profiles of Women in Mathematics: The Emmy Noether Lectures
Booklet presenting sketches of women who have made fundamental and sustained contributions to the mathematical sciences. $1.50 per copy, ten or more copies are $1.00 each.

From the
    Conference Board on the Mathematical Sciences (CBM)
    1529 Eighteenth Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20036
Career Information in the Mathematical Sciences
A resource guide to mathematical sciences career materials for parents, teachers, and counselors. Free.

From the
    Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
    901 Elkridge Landing Rd., Suite 400
    Linthicum, MD 21090-2909
Is a Career in Operations Research/Management Sciences Right for You?
Booklet describing careers in operations research and the management sciences. Available on the INFORMS home page on the World Wide Web. By mail, first 10 copies free, additional copies $.60 each.
Operations Research + You = An Exciting Career
A 19-minute video and software package for high school and college students highlighting the variety of career opportunities in operations research. $7.99 per copy.

Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.