Math Awareness Month - April 1999


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To: Mathematical Sciences Community Date: January 1999 Re: MATHEMATICS AWARENESS MONTH, April 1999
In preparation for Mathematics Awareness Month, April 1999, the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics is pleased to announce that Texas Instruments Incorporated has been named as the official sponsor of this year's event, Mathematics and Biology. Mathematics Awareness Month provides the mathematical sciences community opportunity to promote the importance and versatility of mathematics and its relationship to our daily lives. Texas Instruments and the JPBM invite you to use the enclosed MAM 1999 materials and the resources available on the MAM website to inform your colleagues, students, and the public about the value of mathematics. The MAM web address is The 1999 MAM theme is Mathematics and Biology. Mathematics is an essential element in fields as diverse as medicine, the human genome, epidemiology, and research analysis. As a representation of Mathematics in Biology, the enclosed 1999 Math Awareness Month poster depicts the electrical activity of a normal heart as if it were stimulated at a single point. Color is used to highlight the arrival time of the electrical signal as it propagates through the heart. The rectangular domain represents a large slab of the ventricular wall, and all domains use geometry and fiber orientation that are taken from anatomical data. Without mathematics there is no other way to view this three-dimensional concept. For a more detailed article on mathematics in heart research please visit the MAM website (/mam/99/essay1.html). Mathematics Awareness Month is an excellent time to communicate with new audiences about the relevance of mathematics in their lives. Here are some suggested activities: * Design your own World Wide Web page, * Link it to the MAM web site or to any site related to, or dependent on, biology; * Encourage your local student chapter Pi Mu Epsilon to organize campus events; * Request that appropriate state and local officials issue a proclamation declaring April 1999 to be Mathematics Awareness Month in your locality -- a sample proclamation can be found on the MAM website; * Invite your local legislators and other elected officials to visit your department -- public officials appreciate opportunities to speak with faculty about their public policy concerns; * Tailor the following sample news release to include details on your MAM activities and mail it to your local print and broadcast media outlets -- you can find media listings in the reference section of your library, or work with you institution's public information office; * Check the MAM website for an extensive listing of past activities and events. Please help us share Mathematics Awareness Month by posting announcements and reports of your MAM activities on our electronic mailing list /mam/mamlist.html. Texas Instruments Incorporated, JPBM and its member societies -- the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics -- appreciate the involvement of the American mathematical sciences community in Mathematics Awareness Month.

Mathematics Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to recognize the importance of mathematics through written materials and an accompanying poster that highlight mathematical developments and applications in a particular area.