MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2002 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Del Mar College
Corpus Christi TX

  • Contact:  Precella Anthony, <>
  • Short Description:  Proclamation, Presentation, Extensive Media Coverage

More information:

A department newsletter was distributed electronically to the entire campus promoting MAM and this year's theme Math and the Genome. It also gave a brief history of MAM and contained quotes from others on the importance of mathematics in their chosen fields. President Valadez Ortiz signed a proclamation declaring it MAM at Del Mar. The proclamation was presented to the department at a meeting on April 17. Then DMC student Gabriel Brambila gave a talk over the Basel Problem to a standing room only crowd. A reception in the DMC Math Learning Center followed. A local TV station, city newspaper, and campus paper provided extensive media coverage of the event. That evening another local TV station broadcast the weather in degrees celsius from the Math Learning Center to promote Math Awareness. The newscaster then showed the formula for converting from degrees celsius to Fahrenheit. He emphasized the importance of Math in today's society and publicized the DMC Math Learning Center.