MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2003 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Greater Richmond Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Richmond VA

More information:

This one-day conference for high school students in the metropolitan Richmond, Virginia, area will explore the theme "Mathematics in the Arts." Students will attend two sessions from the following six presentations. A keynote address will follow lunch.

Descriptions of the sessions follow:
"Tessellations Using Geometer's Sketchpad?"
Learn how to create tessellations using the Geometer's Sketchpad. Create dynamic and colorful tessellation designs.
Dr. Natalie Hutchinson, Old Dominion University

"The Use of the Fibonacci Sequence in Music"
See and hear how famous classical composers (such as Mozart, Debussy and Bartok) used the Fibonacci sequence either directly or indirectly.
Mr. Pete Anderson, Hermitage High School

"Mathematical Art on the TI-83 Calculator"
Learn to use polar and parametric equations to create designs that are both mathematical and artistic in design. Display some on a computer screen and print out others for continued artistic expression.
Ms. Diane Leighty, Mathematics Standards of Learning Coordinator, Powhatan County Public Schools

"Use of Proportion in Art"
See how artists use proportions, including the Golden Rectangle, drawing the figure, and using a grid to enlarge a drawing.
Mr. Justin Gohde, Manchester High School

"Mathematical Patterns in Poetry"
Explore poems with mathematical themes and patterns. Play with creating your own.
Ms. Michele Surat, Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

Presentations by Student Groups
"Music Jumps to a Mathematical Beat" Is it natural? Or is it synthesized? Notes are the language of music, but instruments aren't the only users of this language. We will demonstrate the differences in natural and synthesized music through math.
Anna Almore, Tyler Ray, and Aya Hayashi; Mr. Gerald Wyngaard, Advisor, Midlothian High School (IB Program)

"From One Universal Language to Another: Using Mathematics to Compose Songs"
Collect data using LoggerPro software and learn how to use math to model the pure notes of a tuning fork. Investigate how those notes can be combined to create beats and chords in music.
Chris Boswell, Mairin Cipolla, Sarah Cousins, and Dale Swartz; Ms. Crista Hamilton, Advisor; Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

KEYNOTE: "Seeing Math in Art"
Explore ways that artists, architects, and musicians use mathematics in their creations. Look for math patterns in both art and music, and explore art and music created strictly from mathematical relationships
Mrs. Betsey Davis, Matoaca High School

(Mrs. Davis was a 2001 National Gallery of Art Fellow. In 2000 she received a Toyota TIME grant to author the course "Math of the Arts." She was a 1995 recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching.)