MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2003 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester MA

More information:

THE QUEST OF MAW The fictional Lord Maw enlists the help of his ten "Prystices" (secret helpers, who are ordinary staff members from all parts of campus) to issue ten Challenges to the players (teams of 1-3 students). Each problem solution leads to a UNIX file URL (directory permissions set to 711) which contains a riddle identifying another "Prystyx of Maw." When the team locates this person on campus, they get a card identifying the secret artist, a URL for the next challenge, and a small plastic coin, the "furgl." Students may only report progress by sending e-mail to the great Lord Maw. To win, they must determine the secret permutation of the ten furgls from the structure of the contest. Easy to maintain, easy to repeat. JUGGLING THE PROBABILITIES OF JUGGLING Dr. Gregory Warrington of U.Mass. Amherst will be our Mathematics Awareness Week speaker. DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS CEREMONY Senior Math Award, best project (MQP Award), Putnam team recognition, COMAP team recognition, Math Contest winners, etc. FACULTY PRESENTATION OF PROJECT TOPICS Following awards ceremony, faculty briefly describe their research to all juniors, who must choose a project topic for their senior year.