MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2012 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Jackson State University
Jackson MS

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  • Contact:  David Bramlett, <david.c.bramlett@jsums.eddu>
  • Short Description:  Since 1877, Jackson State University has been providing young men and women opportunities that will empower them to succeed in an increasingly complex world. As the Urban University of Mississippi, Jackson State emphasizes public service programs designed to enhance quality of life and seek solutions to urban problems in the physical, social, intellectual, and economic environments.

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The Mathematics and Engineering Fair on April 13, 2012 is designed to: 1.Develop a greater appreciation for Mathematics and Engineering. 2. Stimulate a greater interest in Mathematics and Engineering. 3. Expose young men and women to various careers and job opportunities in the fields of Mathematics and Engineering. 4. Correlate the efforts of both high school and college teachers in fulfilling the purpose of teaching and learning Mathematics and Engineering. 5. Encourage competition on the state and local levels amongst eleventh and twelfth grade students who have a strong interest in Mathematics and Engineering.