MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2012 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Giles County Public Schools
Pearisburg VA

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  • Contact:  Nikki Pynn, <>
  • Short Description:  geometry awareness in art and life

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2nd grade students are learning about the artist Wayne Theibaud. Theibaud's artwork of the 60's displaying the geometric shapes and pattern of pastries lined up. We discuss the shapes as they appear in various paintings. Cylinders, triangular prisms, cylinder fractured making triangular prism, spheres within spheres on cylinders. A depiction of a cupcake, a cylinder, is the project that follows in our half hour class time. 3rd grade classes pick up where 2nd grade was introduced to art and geometry. 3rd graders draw cylinders and turn them into cakes. They draw the gumball machines using a directed method to show the shadowing that takes a circle to a cylinder. And, 3rd graders create a slice of pie using a template to create a pie shaped box that is colored and constructed. All of these activities are done in 5 half hour class times.