MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2006 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Palm Beach Community College
Lake Worth FL

More information:

Math Class Goes to Hollywood!w/John Hornsby - an interactive event to showcase how math is used in movies and television Math in Careers and Across the Disciplines - panel discussion to highlight the impact of math on our everyday life at work and school Unraveling the Mystery of Math - daily movies about math, math history, and mathematicians (Palm Beach Gardens campus only) Problem of the Day - prizes offered for correct solutions in every campus math lab! Math Brain Bowl - math fun with prizes! (Palm Beach Gardens campus only) Daily Workshops in every campus math lab including: Mathematics and the Internet, "Who says math is boring?", Dealing with Math Axiety, Making Better Use of the TI-83 Calculator, Orthogonal Subspaces of the Hilbert Space of Differentials L2 (S), Finding Math-related Resources, and more!