MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 1999 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
United States Military Academy
West Point NY

More information:

Math Awareness Day News Release Department of Mathematical Sciences United States Military Academy West Point, NY 10996 The Department of Mathematical Sciences hosted 50 students and teachers from James I. O'Neill High School and the New York Military Academy for Math Awareness Day, Wednesday, April 28. Mathematics professors Ethan Berkove and Mary Ann Connors organized the event. April is Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM) in the United States. Its goal is to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics. The MAM 1999 theme is Mathematics and Biology. Mathematics is an essential element in fields as diverse as medicine, the human genome, epidemiology, population modeling, and research analysis. Mathematics Awareness Day was an excellent vehicle for communicating with the receptive audience of high school math students from O'Neill High School and the New York Military Academy about the relevance of mathematics. COL David Arney, Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, welcomed the visitors in Thayer Hall. Small groups attended various presentations in the technology classrooms where opportunities were provided for interaction between the presenters and participants. Speakers and Topics included: CDT Troy Bupp & CDT Joseph Curtis, "Evasive Flight Patterns" CDT Heather Cooper, "Studying Cadet Grades in Math-Based Courses" CDT Richard Thomas, "Developing a Multiple Criteria Decision Model (MCDM) for the Design and Maintenance of the Baja." MAJ Philip Beaver, "Chaos and the Mandelbrot Set" MAJ Gerald Kobylski & Dr. Trudy Yavorek, "Doctor Math" MAJ Donald Outing, "Yacking about Yeast" LTC Patrick Driscoll, "Giving Crooks the Benefit of Doubt with Mathematics" LTC Kathleen Snook, "Body Cooling" Dr. Ethan Berkove, "Instant Insanity" Dr. Margaret Kiehl, "Walking on Sponges" Dr. V. Frederick Rickey, "Great Expectorations, or Coughing with Calculus" For more information please contact: Dr. Mary Ann Connors Department of Mathematical Sciences U. S. Military Academy West Point NY 10996 office: (914) 938-2046 fax: (914) 938-2409