MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 1999 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Western Washington University
Bellingham WA

More information:

To celebrate Mathematical Awareness Month, the Mathematics Department is sponsoring a series of lectures. The intent of these lectures is to illustrate how mathematics can be used as a tool to gain further insights into highly complex biological processes. Friday April 2 3pm in Biology 234 Title: The evolutionary transition between haploidy and diploidy Speaker: Sally Otto, University of British Columbia Friday April 9 3pm in Biology 234 Title: Modeling moving boundary problems in biology: eucaryotic cilia and limb bud outgrowth. Speaker: Robert Dillon, Washington State University Wednesday April 28 4pm Biology 212 Title: TBA Speaker: Garry Oddell, University of Washington Thursday April 29 4pm Bond Hall 225 Title: Dynamical Models of Gene Networks: "Molecular Ecology" and Developmental Mechanisms Speaker: George von Dassow, University of Washington Wednesday May 12 4pm in Biology 212 Title: Coevolution of contrary choices in patchy habitats Speaker: Sebastian Schreiber, Western Washington Univ. In addition to these lectures, the Mathematics Department will post weekly mathematical puzzlers for Western Students on the Internet.