MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 1999 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Schoolcraft College
Livonia MI

More information:

Schoolcraft College is a two-year community college in Livonia, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. (The school is named after Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, an early Michigan naturalist.) Our Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM) activities included the award of an annual student mathematics prize and the distribution of a special newsletter. Our annual Pythagorean Prize reception took place on April 20. The President and Vice President of the College were both on hand to help present the awards. Craig Lammers, a pre-engineering major and math tutor on campus, received the grand prize this year as the most outstanding mathematics student at Schoolcraft College. With over 40 fellow students, faculty, staff, and parents on hand, Scott was presented with a $300 check, a plaque, and other mementos, including a copy of the new Second Edition of Victor J. Katz?s book A History of Mathematics: An Introduction, donated for this occasion by publisher Addison-Wesley and autographed by each of our full-time math professors. Craig?s name will also be added to an engraved plaque that is permanently displayed in the Mathematics Department. Lila Ghannam and Khushmeet Kaur each received honorable mention in the competition for the prize. It is notable that all three of the top students named in this year?s contest have commented that as a result of this honor, they have had thoughts about changing their major to mathematics. The April issue of our monthly departmental newsletter, The Right Angle, is a special MAM issue. Over 400 copies were distributed to Schoolcraft students and staff, and to the math department chairs at 67 metropolitan Detroit high schools. Among other items, the newsletter includes the MAM theme essay "Mathematics in the Heart" by James Paul Keener, an essay ?How Mathematics Helps in the Study of Bones? by Schoolcraft student Tracy L. Stepek, who summarizes the relation between stress and strain in human bone subject to elastic or plastic conditions, a submission by prizewinning student Craig Lammers in which he uses vector and matrix operations to explore the commutativity and associativity of geometric rotations in three dimensions, and the latest of our popular monthly WordWise columns; an article delving into the meaning and origin of some of the terms related to circles. Free copies of this newsletter may be obtained by contacting editor Randy K. Schwartz. ============================================= Prof. Randy K. Schwartz Department of Mathematics Liberal Arts Building Schoolcraft College 18600 Haggerty Road Livonia, MI 48152-2696 USA email: voice: 734/462-4400 extn. 5290 fax: 734/462-4558 ==============================================