MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2000 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Pellissippi State Technical Community College
Knoxville TN

More information:

Pellissippi State Technical Community College will be celebrating Mathematics Awareness Month with many activities. Last year, PSTCC 'launched' their first Flying EGGstravaganza Egg Launch competition and their first April Sky Rocket Launch Competition. Local middle school students were invited to our campus to launch raw eggs in launch crafts that they constructed using launchers that they also constructed. The goal was to launch the longest distance without breaking on impact. The contest was a big success, involving university and community college professors, local teachers, and local engineers. This year's model rocket launch competition has been expanded to include local high school students competing with PSTCC students. Tied to the rocket launch competition is a viewing of the movie 'October Sky'. The final contest is the POW Contest (Problem of the Week). A new problem is posted every week that challenges students to think critically (and win money). This year's MAM activities will involve a PSTCC group trip to the Knoxville Museum of Art to view the M.C. Escher Traveling Exhibit. This will tie in with the viewing of 'The Life and Works of Escher'. A lecture on the 'Art of Printmaking' will be conducted by Anne Kinggard and Marsha Athens prior to the exhibit trip. A potluck lunch where all of the food must be in 'geometric presentations' will also be indulged in prior to the art museum trip. Additional lectures will be provided by Beth Long on 'John Nash: Mental Illness and Mathematics' and Judy Ahrens on 'The Wonders of Fractals'.