MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2007 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Delaware Valley School District
Milford PA

More information:

The Math Fair has been conducted each April since 2002 by students of Delaware Valley High School for students from our district's three elementary schools. A variety of activities are made available in a carnival booth format for children in grades K-6. The overall goal of the Math Fair is to be an exciting day for the children involved, while teaching them mathematical topics not typically included in a traditional school curriculum or linking the math they do know with the world in which they live.To this end, the successful Math Fair will meet the following objectives: The Fair will be an exciting, memorable experience for the children and teachers. Children will gain a wider view of mathematics beyond what they have learned. Children will see applications of mathematics in a wide variety of areas. Children will gain appreciation for the art and science of mathematics. You will learn about a new topic in mathematics and learn what it takes to prepare and deliver a successful presentation to children.