MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2000 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Omaha NE

More information:

Mathematics Symposium: Math Awareness Month at UNO is a mathematics symposium where faculty and undergraduate/graduate students will give 20 minutes talks on various mathematical topics. The talks are intended to be suitable for a general audience. Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, junior high and high school students are expected to attend. The lists of talks, speakers, and abstracts are accessible on the internet at the address specified above. On April the 24th, 2:30PM, our distiguished speaker, Dr. Judy Roitman, from The University of Kansas, will give a Colloquium talk for students and faculty (see the previously mentioned web page for title and abstract). Earlier on the same day, at 1:15PM, Dr. Roitman will talk to an audience of students and faculty on: "New Career Opportunities in Mathematics."