MAM 2016

Mathematics Awareness Month
** April 2000 **

Mathematics Awareness Month at
Trinity University
San Antonio TX

  • Contact:  Jeffrey Lawson, <>
  • Short Description:  Math problem contest, talk, and movie

More information:

Math Problem Contest: Each weekday, a math problem will be posted on a banner in Mabee. Submissions will be accepted by e-mail. Prizes may include a Rubik's cube (possibly key chain version) and a gift certificate to a bookstore. Dr. Ponomarenko will be speaking at 2:30 in the SLH on Wednesday the 12th. This will be followed by an ice cream social in the Marrs-Maclean Lobby. Math Movie Night, Friday, SLH. Segments of the Matrix, the Pi Movie, and possibly the PBS special "The Proof." There will be movie food, provided by TUMS (which is also making arrangements for the room and videos). The screening should run from about 7-10 pm, ending just in time for the Rites of Spring coffeehouse.