– Paper provides information on how to find and use command-line tools.
– Includes over 40 support tools for diagnosing and resolving computer problems.
– Explains how to open Command Prompt and view help at the command-line.

– Provides guidance on selecting and using tools in NLP systems.
– Enhances the capacities and robustness of language models.
– Improves scalability and interpretability of NLP systems.

– Standard error codes: 0 for no error, 1+ for errors.
– Batch file operations: echo off, echo on, echoing lines.
– Conditional processing with if, for, goto commands in batch files.

– Full results of the three tasks: Trivia Creative Writing, Codenames Collaborative, and Logic Grid Puzzle can be found in Tables 5, 6, and 7, respectively.

– There are tools on Windows XP that can help fix computer problems.
– You can find information about these tools in the Windows Support Tools.
– To use command-line tools, open Command Prompt by clicking Start, Run, and typing cmd.
– You can get help at the command prompt by typing a specific command.