A Review of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Used for Smart Machine Tools2018

– Special issue of International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
– Expands upon papers from FLAIRS conference, covers various AI techniques and applications


This paper offers a review of the artificial intelligence algorithms and applications presently being used for smart machine tools, and proposes several AI approaches to tackle mechanical components as well as addressing different AI algorithms to deal with smartmachine tools and the acquisition of accurate results.

– AI and computational technology are revolutionizing interior design graphics and modeling.
– These technologies offer benefits such as design iterations, material visualization, and time optimization.

– Significant trend towards development of AI algorithms
– Current related issues required to be solved

– The paper explores healthcare staff perceptions on the benefits and challenges of using AI predictive tools in clinical decision-making.
– The study identifies opportunities for the application of AI predictive tools in clinical practice.

The paper discusses various AI algorithms used for smart machine tools, including learning algorithms for fault diagnosis and detection, as well as AI technique applications in intelligent manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, and mechanical components prognosis.

– Development of AI algorithms for smart machine tools
– Integration of condition feedback, voice communication, and motion in AI machine tool robot

– Digital technology and tools are being used in the design industry.
– Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the latest computational technologies being utilized.

– The paper reviews existing AI technology and its potential applications in manufacturing systems.
– The paper discusses tools and techniques of AI relevant to the manufacturing environment.

– The paper discusses the application of stored programs in Artificial Intelligence.
– It focuses on production systems and their role in rule-based expert systems.