– Study on global cryptocurrency regulations and legislative attitudes
– India’s regulations on cryptocurrencies and pending legislation
– $0.9 trillion invested in cryptocurrencies worldwide
– Over 300 million cryptocurrency users globally
– Key developments in the crypto world in 2022 and beyond

– “The Impact of Digital Rupee and Crypto Asset Tax in India”
– “Understanding the Ripple Labs Lawsuit and its Effects on Crypto”
– “Exploring the Growth and Potential of Decentralized Applications (D-Apps)”

– Paper reviews existing digital finance research and developments worldwide.
– Digital finance is important in modern finance and has various applications.
– International determinants of digital finance include efficiency, financial inclusion, and payments.
– Fintech and mobile money industries are major beneficiaries of digital finance investments.
– Future of digital finance is personalized financial products on a single platform.
– Areas for future research include regulation, security, bias, and risk management.

– Study on global cryptocurrency regulations and their impact on India
– Cryptocurrency market worth over $0.9 trillion with 300 million users
– Analysis of key developments in the crypto world from 2022 to 2025

– Cryptocurrencies continue to be characterized by hyperbole and speculative greed.
– Understanding cryptocurrencies should move past excitement and establish logic and pragmatism.
– Investing in cryptocurrencies is still new and speculative with limited historical data.
– It is crucial to only invest money that you are willing to lose.
– In 2022, cryptocurrency traders will be searching for coins with the fastest growth.

– Decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain applications
– Cryptocurrencies and crypto goods (including NFTs)
– Nonfungible tokens (NFTs)
– Financial intermediaries like banks
– Separation of money and State
– “Freedom money”
– Insurance against a dystopian future
– Regulatory clarity in the crypto sector
– Cryptocurrencies with the fastest rate of growth
– Dash 2 Trade – Overall Fastest Growing Crypto Providing Trading Signals
– Popular Green Project offering rewards for carbon footprint reduction

– Contributes to the literature on the role of internet and digital technology in finance.
– Contributes to the financial innovation literature by showing the reliance on digital technology.
– Contributes to the digital finance literature by providing a futurist review and making predictions.

– Conducted a search on Google Scholar search engine
– Reviewed studies in the post-2010 digital finance literature
– Summarized the findings of post-2010 digital finance research

– Digital finance is an important part of modern finance.
– Major applications of digital finance include Fintech, embedded finance, open banking, and decentralized finance.
– Digital finance can increase financial inclusion and expand financial services.
– Digital finance research is growing fast and relevant for policy and practice.
– Fintech and mobile money industries are the largest beneficiaries of investments in digital finance.
– The future of digital finance is to create a customizable and personalized digital platform.
– Areas for future research include regulatory adaptation, user information security, and algorithmic bias.

– The paper discusses the tokenization of various types of assets.
– It explores the concept of a tokenized capital markets trading platform.
– The paper emphasizes the benefits of tokenization, such as increased liquidity and fractional ownership.
– It highlights the potential for a more democratized global investment market.

– Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that people use to buy things online.
– India is a country that has rules and laws about cryptocurrencies.
– The Indian government is planning to create its own digital currency called the Digital Rupee.
– The Indian government will also tax the money people make from cryptocurrencies.

– Cryptocurrencies are speculative investments with limited historical data.
– Caution should be exercised due to lack of governmental oversight.
– Cryptocurrencies can compromise financial integrity and pose risks to the economy.
– Businesses in the crypto industry are relocating abroad due to regulatory complexities.
– A risk-based regulatory framework is necessary for the crypto industry.


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