Prompted Products

Prompted products are a new type of product that is created using artificial intelligence (AI). AI is used to generate product descriptions, specifications, and even images. This allows businesses to create products quickly and easily, without having to spend a lot of time and money on research and development.

Benefits of Prompted Products

There are a number of benefits to using prompted products, including:

  • Faster product creation: Prompted products can be created in a matter of minutes, compared to weeks or months for traditional products.
  • Lower development costs: Prompted products do not require any physical components, so there are no manufacturing costs. Additionally, AI can be used to automate many of the tasks involved in product development, such as research and design.
  • Increased product variety: Prompted products can be created for a wide variety of products, which can help businesses to cater to a broader range of customers.

Challenges of Prompted Products

There are also some challenges associated with using prompted products, including:

  • Accuracy of AI-generated content: AI is not always perfect, and there is a risk that the AI-generated content may not be accurate or up-to-date.
  • Limited personalization: Prompted products may not be as personalized as traditional products, because they are created based on generic prompts.
  • Potential for copyright infringement: There is a risk that the AI-generated content may infringe on copyright laws, if it is too similar to existing products or content.

Future of Prompted Products

Prompted products are still a relatively new technology, but they have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses create and sell products. As AI technology continues to improve, we can expect to see even more innovative and personalized prompted products in the future.

Examples of Prompted Products

There are already a number of companies that are using prompted products, including:

  • Shopify has a feature called Dynamic Product Descriptions that uses AI to generate product descriptions based on product specifications.
  • Jasper has a product called Jasper AI Writer that can be used to generate product descriptions, specifications, and even images for a variety of products.
  • ChatGPT has a prompt called ChatGPT Prompts for Content Writers that can be used to generate product descriptions, blog posts, and other types of content.

Content Writing

  • Agent.soAll-in-one platform that helps you use AI to write content & code, solve problems, have fun, and more! Powered by over 150 uniquely trained models, and ±200 apps being released to the new AI App Store. New members get unlimited chats and 100 Credits App Store for free.
  • ID-Assist™An eLearning and classroom training storyboard automation tool, to help Instructional Designers automate creation of Course Outline, Learning Objecives, Assessments, Scenarios, and lot more.
  • Writers brew AIOne AI assistant that works across all apps & browsers. It can WRITE. IMPROVE. REPLY. SUMMARIZE. EXPLAIN & TRANSLATE. It has inbuilt OCR engine, and can extract text + generate AI text.
  • SimplifiedGenerate copy with text prompts for business bios, facebook ads, product descriptions, emails, landing pages, YouTube descriptions, taglines, and more.
  • FraseKeywords as prompts for research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content.
  • LetterdropB2B content marketing copies with prompts for idea, title, keywords, and blog generation.
  • AI21 LabsWriting companion tool that helps rephrase writing to say exactly what user means with base text as prompts.
  • Novel AIAI-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship with perspective based input as prompts.
  • InferkitWeb interface (Text) and Developer API prompts for AI–based text generation.
  • ChibiAI writing for blog, websites, and books with dynamic user-controlled context as prompts.
  • sudowriteType in a concept as prompt and First Draft will generate up to 1000 words.
  • RytrChoose your use-case and add some input for context as prompts.
  • Copy AIText prompt for content generation including blog titles, bodies, intros, emails, and more.
  • JasperJasper is the AI Content Generator for blogs, emails, and social media captions with built-in and text prompts.
  • Text CortexMarketing, sales and website copy with blog title and keywords as prompts and multiple settings like tone, style, purpose, etc.
  • SubtxtNarrative storytelling and productivity tool for storytellers with objective aspects of your narrative premise as prompts.
  • LaikaCreative partner that you train to write like you (or anyone you want). Made for creative writers, game writers, and all other fiction fabricators. Base content works as a prompt of extending content/character descriptions, etc.
  • Compose AIAI-powered autocompletion & text generation with basic sentences/simple text descriptions as prompts.
  • MoonbeamLong-form writing AI assistant trained to write essays, stories, articles, blogs with templates that uses titles and basic single phrase ideas as prompts.
  • AnywordAI writer that generates and optimizes your copy with powerful predictive analytics. Incorporate keywords, choose your ideal length as prompts.
  • Hypotenuse AIProvide a few keywords as prompts and turn them into full-length articles and marketing content.
  • PeppertypeVirtual Content Assistant.
  • Writely AICut down on your words, elaborate further or rephrase a sentence with text prompts.
  • Boo.aiAI-powered writing assistant with templates, smart autocomplete, and built-in assistant.
  • SotsyEnter home details as prompts to generate real estate listing.
  • SmartWriterAI to create highly personalised cold emails or Linkedin messages.
  • SocialbuContent for your social media posts. Generate ready-to-post content for your social media with text prompts.
  • NovusWriterCreate written and visual content with text prompts.
  • AutomataRepurpose blogs and videos as LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, and newsletters.
  • DecktopusThis is a free AI-generated prompt template that helps you create captivating product launch copy.
  • Fact GPTGenerate fresh and relevant user-sourced content with citations.
  • Personal AIA platform that allows users to create their own intelligent personal AI that can generate new ideas, recall key concepts, and write original content.
  • ElephasPersonal AI Writing Assistant from proposals and cover letters to blogs and creating social media posts.
  • GlaspNewsletter writing tool by training your personalized AI models.
  • Hey – notionaiNotionAI-like writing tool that generates suitable content for your selected template (blog post, pros and cons, etc)

Automatically Build a Tool

  • Toolbot Build custom GPT-3 tools with text prompts.
  • Mutable AI AI Accelerated software development with descriptive text prompts.
  • Kili Kili is an AI-powered assistant platform for personalised experiences without using code.
  • Prisms Stack together data sources, user inputs, and off-the-shelf building blocks to create your app.
  • Sutro Software development using GPT-3 with text prompts.
  • Aspen Aspen is a low-code platform for building generative AI web apps.
  • Debuild Code your web app in seconds. The AI-powered low-code tool that helps you build web apps with text and built-in prompts.
  • ToolBuilder Toolbuilder is the platform for building and discovering AI web apps without coding.

Search Engines

  • Perplexity
  • Neeva
  • Phind The AI search engine for instant answers with text prompts.
  • Lexica The Stable Diffusion search engine that uses texts as prompts.
  • Lexii Lexii is an AI search assistant that can answer questions.
  • Komo Komo Search leverages generative AI to put your search journeys first, instead of a laundry list of links.
  • Metaphor Web search using the same ideas behind DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. It understands language — in the form of prompts — so you can say what you’re looking for in all the expressive and creative ways you can think of.


Browser Extensions

  • Superpower ChatGPTAdds extra functionality to ChatGPT user interface including prompt library, export chats, safe mode control, history, copy full chat.
  • WebChatGPTAugment your ChatGPT prompts with relevant results from the web.

Personal Assistants

  • xp1GPT-based Assistant with access to your Tabs.
  • ACT-1Adept is an ML research and product lab building general intelligence.
  • MealsAIMealsAI is a tool that helps create unique recipes from any ingredients or dietary restrictions.
  • VowelVowel AI’s automated meeting summaries.
  • MathlyTake a photo, and AI solves your math problem and explains it in a way that actually makes sense.

Research Assistants

  • ElicitLanguage models to help you automate research workflows, like parts of literature review.
  • is a free AI business validator tool that allows users to input their startup idea and receive objective feedback and criticism from an AI.
  • HoustonAIHoustonAI is an experiment to build an automated support bot (documentation) to assist Astro users.
  • SciSpaceYour AI Copilot to decode any research paper. The quickest way to read and understand scientific literature.
  • ScholarcyThe online article summarizer tool, reads your research articles, reports and book chapters in seconds and breaks them down into bite-sized sections.

Email Assistants

  • EllieAn AI email assistant that helps users craft intelligent replies to emails in any language with context from the email thread.
  • WritesonicSEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website with summary of the topic as prompts.
  • CopysmithText summary, and tone/language setting as prompt for content generation including blog titles, bodies, intros, emails, and more.
  • FlowriteEmail writing based on instruction and context based prompts about the output.
  • VoiceTypeVoiceType is a Chrome browser extension that helps users write emails quickly and easily. It uses AI to generate emails based on verbal descriptions provided by the user.
  • EmailMagicAI assistant that helps you write emails by analyzing your email data and matching your writing style.
  •’s is an sales email tool that helps users create human-like emails with text prompts.
  • RespondableAI-driven assistant that helps you write better, more effective emails in real time. It provides actionable advice on how to improve your emails, while giving you insight into your own writing style.
  • EmailIQEmail rewriter with email drafts as prompts.
  • PolitePostRewriting your emails with rough emails as prompts.

Data Analysis

  • Research AIUpload your data as prompts for tools like prediction, text analysis.
  • MutinyAudience and content suggestions powered by AI with data sources as prompts. Connect Mutiny to your tools and data sources. Choose from AI audience suggestions or build your own custom audiences from any connected data.
  • ViableAutomate your qualitative data analysis without compromising quality.
  • AkkioData with a prediction machine and data science support.
  • OlliAI data platform that answers data questions and actively generates insights.
  • AnoteAI-assisted data labeling platform that accelerates the labeling process for unstructured text data.
  • TableTalkA better way to interact with your database in a familiar chat-like interface.
  • SQL GenieGenerate database queries from plain-english description using AI.
  • FlexBerryAI Assistant for Business Analyst. Automate some part of the analyst’s daily routine work.

Image Generation

  • AstriaTailor-made AI image with text prompts and an example of product placement & visualization.
  • Prompt Hunt
  • CraiyonText description as prompts to generate AI images.
  • ImagenA text-to-image diffusion model with an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding.
  • Night CafeAI Art Generator with text prompts.
  • GauGANText description as prompts to generate AI images.
  • Deep AIEnter a prompt, pick an art style and DeepAI tool to enhance your creativity.
  • ArtbreederMake a simple collage from shapes and images, describe it with a prompt. Create images by mixing them together and editing their genes. Create portraits, landscapes, paintings, and more — then watch as others take your art in exciting new directions.
  • Wonder AICreate Avatars from text prompt.
  • Neural LoveSimplest AI Art Generator with a built-in prompt generator.
  • AlpaceCreate multi-layer art work in the Photoshop plugin with text prompts on Stable Diffusion.
  • Mage SpaceText description as prompts to generate AI images.
  • Nyx GalleryGenerate photorealistic synthetic images at scale with text prompts.
  • PixelVibeAI Generated Stock Photos. Customize: People, Products, Composition, Color and Simple Description.
  • PhotoroomAI background generation. Describe the image you want, and it will generate an infinite number of unique backgrounds using stable diffusion.
  • LightTricks“Text to Image” generator within its apps, including Photoleap, which is known for its photo editing capabilities, and Motionleap, an app that can animate a still photo to make it look like it’s in motion.
  • KiveText description as prompts to generate AI photographs/paintaings.
  • This wallpaper does not existText description as prompts to generate AI wallpapers.
  • Hyper WriteText prompting with topic details or image description for AI images and content.
  • Bertha AIAI-driven copywriting and image creation with output category selection and title text as prompts.
  • Alethea AIGenerate interactive AI characters from a description in natural language.
  • BotikaGenerate an endless variety of hyper-realistic on-model photos with criteria settings and variables as prompts.
  • BerserqAI-generated photorealistic images with text inputs.
  • CandyIconsCandyIcons offers thousands of unique and amazing app icons that have not yet appeared elsewhere.
  • DreamlikeImage, photographs, and avatar generation with text prompts and image enhancement and editing.
  • ArtifecGenerates images from quotes.

Powerpoint Generation

  • TomeUnlock your best work with Tome’s AI-powered storytelling format.
  • SuperusAI-Powered Maps for Ultimate Visual Storytelling
  • SupersideDesignOps tech for persuasive pitch decks, sales decks, or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Beautiful AIA presentation maker that is an expert deck designer with built-in prompts.
  • MagicSlidesCreate Presentation Slides with AI. It lets you choose your title and number of slides.
  • Slides AIAI writes the outline and presentation content with text prompts and allows users to customize the look and feel of their slides.
  • ChatBCGGenerative AI for Slides. The world’s first implementation of Text-to-PowerPoint.
  • GlimmerGlimmerAI uses GPT-3 and DALL·E 2 to generate visually stunning presentations based on a user’s text and voice request.


  • Prompt MonkeysGenerates game assets/images with text prompts.
  • Character AIPrompt for starting a conversation with a character created by the user.
  • ScenarioCreate high-quality, style-consistent, proprietary assets for your games.
  • LeonardoCreate stunning game assets with AI.
  • Asset AIAI in your game design and development with built-in prompts.

Programming Tools

  • Code GPT – VSCode ExtensionArtificial intelligence inside your IDE with this open source extension.
  • Goose AIText completion and generation based on existing texts as prompts.
  • Cohere Writes content, predicts outcomes or answers questions at your command.
  • CodeiumCodeium is a programming superpower that enables developers to quickly make changes to unfamiliar languages and codebases using natural language.
  • Github CopilotGitHub Copilot uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor.
  • TabnineTabnine uses generative AI technology to predict and suggests your next lines of code based on context & syntax.
  • AdeptAdept AI is a research and product AI lab that automates software processes for developers.
  • BuildtAI-powered coding tool that allows users to instantly find, generate, and replace anything in their code.
  • TrudoIntuitive UI to train, test, and deploy OpenAI models.
  • FigstackFigstack is a suite of solutions powered by AI and trained with billions of lines of code, designed to help developers quickly understand, document and optimize their code.
  • SourceAISourceAI is a code generator powered by GPT-3 and Codex, a next-generation development technology. It allows users to generate code in any programming language with just one click, saving them time in development.
  • CoadfillerFix code and spelling mistakes with AI by simply adding in your code.
  • AdrenalineA debugging assistant powered by the OpenAI Codex. It can fix and explain your broken code in seconds.
  • AirOpsWrite SQL, documentation and more 10x faster with our collection of powerful recipes.
  • SQL GeniusSQL generator with text descriptions.
  • What The DiffAI-powered code review assistant.
  • SpellBoxSpellBox uses artificial intelligence to create the code you need from simple prompts.
  • DataMakerHelp you solve code, copywriting and 100’s of other problems that all of us Webflow designers face.
  • CodeWPAI Code Generator For WordPress Creators with simple text prompts.
  • AI QueryGenerate Error Free SQL with simple English prompts and let AI do the heavy lifting for you.
  • RefractionGenerate unit tests, refactor code and create documentation for C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, R Lang, Ruby, and Swift. Simply paste a block of code, choose your language, then hit “Generate” to witness magic.
  • CodeSquireAI code writing assistant for data scientists, engineers, and analysts. Get code completions and suggestions as you type.
  • regex.aiAI-Powered Regular Expression Solver
  • Hey – CopilotAICopilotAI-like writing tool that responses to your question with markdown format. Supports OpenAPI Swagger.

Sales and Marketing

  • GhostWriterTool that writes for you, designs for you, and even gives you a plan for growth.
  • Daydrm AIAI tool for creative advertising ideas in multiple formats and different platforms.
  • NeuralText Smart WriterContent marketing platform for content operations, marketing copy generation with textual inputs.
  • ErnestFor sales people to automatically find opportunities based on past clients and industry.
  • Humantic AI Sales AssistantBuyer Intelligence for revenue teams to truly know their customers at every stage of the funnel.
  • LavenderEffective e-mails using social data and linguistic AI.
  • PulleyRecommendation emails that convert.
  • Nanos instant marketingMarketing automation white-label solution for creation and management of advertising campaigns.
  • RegisAIThis AI writing tool creates product descriptions and ad copies with just a few keywords and the name of your product.
  • FlairThe AI Design Tool for Branded Content and product photography with text prompts.
  • MentionedScan your content to identify people and companies you’ve mentioned, then, send email campaigns to let them know.
  • Barua AIGenerate outbound email with text prompts.
  • SuperflowRespond to your gmail inbox faster with AI generated 1-click replies, customised to your workflows.
  • RobinReach out to leads, conduct research, and handle initial outreach. Writes and sends emails from your email address.
  • Hey – NotionAINotionAI-like writing tool that generates suitable content for your selected template (recruiting emails, sails email, etc)


  • SplashAI that opens up new ways for music to be made and enjoyed. Our AI allows anyone to compose original music and sing lyrics to any melody.


  • PhenakiA model for generating videos from text, with prompts that can change over time, and videos that can be as long as multiple minutes.
  • RunwayReal-time video editing, collaboration with text and built-in prompts.
  • Make a VideoGenerates videos from text. The system uses images with descriptions to learn what the world looks like and how it is often described.
  • KaiberKaiber is a video generation engine that enables users to create videos from their own images or text description.

Web Design

  • Studio DesignMake a selection and design suggestions populate based on surrounding styles. Talk to a voice assistant and have it perform complex styling tasks for website design.

Product Photography

  • 88stacksJust type out a few words and instantly visualize anything. Use 88stacks for ideation, ad generation, concepts, product placement, style visualization, brand visualization, and more.
  • AstriaTailor-made AI image with text prompts and an example of product placement & visualization.
  • BoothCreate pro quality product photography with AI using text prompts and sample photos.

Workflow Automation

Buy and Sell Prompts

  • PromptBaseDALL·E, GPT-3, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion Prompt Marketplace.
  • KreaKrea lets us explore millions of AI generated images—as well as the prompts that produced them.
  • promptoMANIAAn online prompt builder that helps users become a CF Spark, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion master.
  • is an interactive website that provides users with a platform to explore and create AI-generated prompts.
  • Midjourney Prompt GeneratorThe Midjourney Prompt Generator is a web application that generates prompts based on a text input and various options.
  • PromptLayerMaintain a log of your prompts and OpenAI API requests. Track, debug, and replay old completions.
  • PromptextendAI elaborate prompt generator from a small seed prompt.
  • Thomas IOStable Diffusion Prompt Generator. Type a few words and press enter to get a detailed prompt.