Video editing is time-consuming and tedious.
– Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to automate and streamline video editing.
– This paper explores the field of intelligent video editing tools.
– It surveys professional video editors to understand their opinions and needs.
– The paper summarizes the current state of AI research in video editing.

– Identifies needs for automation in video editing workflow
– Highlights areas for further exploration in video editing tools
– Calls for greater involvement of the machine learning community
– Aims to contribute towards advancing the goal of an ideal AI editor

– Survey conducted to explore opinions of video editors on AI video editing tools
– Personalization and adaptation to user preferences is important
– Voice interaction is desired by participants
– Logging of videos can be done through audio annotations during filming

– Intelligent video editing tools require expertise in video editing, human-computer interaction, and AI.
– Areas such as logging, organization, aesthetic quality adjustment, and content suggestion need further exploration.
– Involvement of the machine learning community can help achieve the ideal AI editor.
– Voice interaction is the most desired mode of interaction by participants.
– Five themes identified for the ideal AI video editing tool.

– Average years of experience in video editing among participants is 9.75 years.
– Most common video types are commercial, documentaries, presentation, sports, social media videos, and news.
– Adobe Premier Pro and DaVinci Resolve are the most frequently mentioned editing programs.
– Participants would like to interact with AI video editing tools via voice or graphical user interface.
– Most participants would like to manipulate videos at the keyframes level.
– Video editing tasks, aesthetic improvements, video pre-editing tasks, and suggestive tasks are the main areas participants want to automate.
– Voice interaction is the most desired mode of interaction with AI video editors.
– The paper compares and summarizes intelligent video editing tools in the literature.
– The paper presents the survey results of human video editors’ opinions on ideal AI video editors.
– The paper proposes potential AI techniques to meet the expectations of video editors.