A Brief History and Foundation of AI: Popular Machine Learning Techniques and Their Basics

– The paper discusses the history and foundation of artificial intelligence (AI).
– It presents various machine learning techniques, including neural networks and genetic programming.


A brief history of AI, along with its foundation and basic components is presented in this paper , where many variations of AI techniques have been reported and applied in anomaly detection, pattern recognition, natural language processing, feature extraction, regression, data augmentation, and many other fields of study.

– AI and computational technology are revolutionizing interior design graphics and modeling.
– These technologies offer benefits such as design iterations, material visualization, and time optimization.

– Provides a brief history and foundation of AI
– Discusses popular machine learning techniques and their basics

– Brief history and foundation of AI
– Basics of popular machine learning techniques

The paper discusses various AI techniques including artificial neural networks, support vector machines, extreme learning machines, fuzzy logic models, genetic programming, and deep learning techniques.

– Artificial neural networks
– Support vector machines

– Understanding foundation of popular machine learning techniques
– Selecting appropriate strategies for problem-solving

– Digital technology and tools are being used in the design industry.
– Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the latest computational technologies being utilized.

– The paper reviews existing AI technology and its potential applications in manufacturing systems.
– The paper discusses tools and techniques of AI relevant to the manufacturing environment.

– AI techniques are evolving due to new high-speed computing devices.
– The paper discusses various AI techniques, including machine learning and deep learning.


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