– The paper discusses how blockchain is revolutionizing the financial sector.
– It explores decentralized finance (DeFi) and central banks’ digital currencies (CBDC).
– The paper proposes a new global money matrix for digital currencies.
– It categorizes CBDC by participants, categories, and application scenarios.

– “The Future of Finance: Exploring the Potential of DeFi and Blockchain”
– “Decentralized Finance: Revolutionizing the Financial System with Blockchain”
– “From Centralized to Decentralized: The Rise of DeFi and Blockchain”
– “Exploring the Benefits of DeFi: A New Era in Finance”
– “experienceing the Power of Blockchain: The Promise of DeFi”
– “Democratizing Finance: How DeFi is Empowering Users with Blockchain”
– “The Role of Smart Contracts in the Decentralized Finance Revolution”
– “Building a Transparent and Interoperable Financial System with DeFi”
– “Understanding DeFi: A Guide to the Future of Finance”
– “The Disruption of Traditional Financial Services: DeFi and Blockchain”

– Paper reviews existing digital finance research and developments worldwide.
– Digital finance is important in modern finance and has various applications.
– International determinants of digital finance include efficiency, financial inclusion, and payments.
– Fintech and mobile money industries are major beneficiaries of digital finance investments.
– Future of digital finance is personalized financial products on a single platform.
– Areas for future research include regulation, security, bias, and risk management.

– Paper discusses how blockchain is revolutionizing the financial sector.
– Focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi) and central banks’ digital currencies (CBDC).
– Proposes a new global money matrix for understanding and categorizing currencies.

– DeFi and blockchain are revolutionizing the financial sector.
– Digitalization of transactions is driving economic development.
– Lack of understanding and standardization of digital currency categories.
– Proposed global money matrix for the blockchain era.
– Future research needed to examine characteristics of each currency type.

– Fintech brings new and fitting products through big data and analysis.
– DeFi ecosystem introduces new concepts like tokenization and disintermediation.
– Fintech leverages diverse data and analytics to create customized products.
– Digital transformation leads to innovation and new business models in products.

– Contributes to the literature on the role of internet and digital technology in finance.
– Contributes to the financial innovation literature by showing the reliance on digital technology.
– Contributes to the digital finance literature by providing a futurist review and making predictions.

– The paper provides a literature review of existing definitions and categorizations of digital currencies.
– It also includes a literature review of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

– Conducted a search on Google Scholar search engine
– Reviewed studies in the post-2010 digital finance literature
– Summarized the findings of post-2010 digital finance research

– Digital finance is an important part of modern finance.
– Major applications of digital finance include Fintech, embedded finance, open banking, and decentralized finance.
– Digital finance can increase financial inclusion and expand financial services.
– Digital finance research is growing fast and relevant for policy and practice.
– Fintech and mobile money industries are the largest beneficiaries of investments in digital finance.
– The future of digital finance is to create a customizable and personalized digital platform.
– Areas for future research include regulatory adaptation, user information security, and algorithmic bias.

– The paper discusses the tokenization of various types of assets.
– It explores the concept of a tokenized capital markets trading platform.
– The paper emphasizes the benefits of tokenization, such as increased liquidity and fractional ownership.
– It highlights the potential for a more democratized global investment market.

– DeFi is a new way to do banking and trading using blockchain technology.
– Money is a currency used to buy things, and there are different types.
– Central banks are exploring digital currencies called CBDCs.
– Blockchain and cryptocurrency can help during economic recessions.
– Banks are using blockchain to make transactions faster and more secure.

– Digital infrastructure has accelerated the emergence of new technologies.
– DeFi offers governance structures perceived as ‘democratization’ of finance.
– Digital transformation reforms the way processes work in the financial system.
– The paper proposes a money matrix for the blockchain era.
– Characteristics of each type of currency need further examination.


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