MAM 14

April 2014 Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery

The theme of Mathematics Awareness Month 2014 echoes the title of a 1956 book by renowned math popularizer Martin Gardner, whose extensive writings introduced the public to hexaflexagons, polyominoes, John Conway’s “Game of Life,” Penrose tiles, the Mandelbrot set, and much more. For more than half a century Gardner inspired enthusiasts of all ages to engage deeply with mathematics, and many of his readers chose to pursue it as a career. The year 2014 marks the centennial of Gardner’s birth.
The Mathematics Awareness Month website will feature 30 magical and mysterious topics—a new one will be unveiled each day in April 2014. Contributors will include professional mathematicians and magicians of the highest caliber. Each topic will be introduced by a short video and will include supporting materials at various levels of mathematical sophistication. Mathematics departments at the secondary and college levels will find a month full of interesting activities to use in their programs.

2014 Activities
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Magic Squares – Learn How Maths Really Is Magic
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