Computer-Aided Control Engineering (CACE) Tools: AI Techniques and Applications

– Special issue of International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
– Expands upon papers from FLAIRS conference, covers various AI techniques and applications


Computer-Aided Control Engineering (CACE) tools have achieved a degree of success in the past decade based on their ability to assist in the control system design and implementation process.

– Computer-Aided Control Engineering (CACE) tools
– Integrated CACE environments

– AI-based tools are transforming oncology clinical applications for personalized care.
– Challenges in applying AI-based tools in cancer care are discussed.

– The paper discusses the current applications of AI in control systems.
– The paper describes the development of Computer-Aided Control Engineering (CACE) tools.

The paper discusses the use of AI technologies such as knowledge representation, learning, search, diagnosis, planning, and decision-making to aid control engineers in the design and implementation of control systems.

– AI technologies can aid control engineers in difficult control engineering problems.
– Computer-Aided Control Engineering (CACE) tools assist in control system design and implementation.

– Digital technology and tools are being used in the design industry.
– Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the latest computational technologies being utilized.

– The paper reviews existing AI technology and its potential applications in manufacturing systems.
– The paper discusses tools and techniques of AI relevant to the manufacturing environment.

– The paper discusses the application of stored programs in Artificial Intelligence.
– It focuses on production systems and their role in rule-based expert systems.