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In that same survey, 55% of business leaders said they’d suffered an AI incident in the past three years.

# The Rise of AI Incidents in the Business World In a recent survey conducted among business leaders, it was revealed that a significant number of companies have experienced AI incidents within the past three years. According to the survey results, a staggering 55% of business leaders reported encountering such incidents. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has rapidly gained prominence in various industries, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and make decisions. However, with its increasing adoption, the risks and challenges associated…

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Exploring Prompt Engineering: The Rise of Multimodal CoT

Explore the groundbreaking realm of Prompt Engineering with a deep dive into Multimodal Chain of Thought Prompting. Uncover its evolution, key challenges, and transformative applications in healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and education. Learn about future advancements in AI, including AR/VR integration and ethical frameworks, shaping seamless human-AI interactions.

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