Top 5 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for Enhanced Productivity in 2023

Top 5 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for Enhanced Productivity in 2023

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Top 5 ChatGPT Chrome extensions in 2023:

ChatGPT Assistant– Chat with ChatGPT directly from Chrome
– Save and organize conversations
4.8/5Over 10k users. Simple and lightweight.
GPT-4 Companion– Auto-complete text fields using ChatGPT
– Generate prompts from highlighted text
4.9/5Has customization options. Rated “Very Useful” by most users.
GPT-4 Prompt Generator– Generate prompts for ChatGPT from:
• Highlighted text
• URLs
• Images
4.7/5Helps users get the most out of ChatGPT. Over 50k users.
GPT-4 Notes– Summarize web pages and text selections using ChatGPT
– Take ChatGPT generated notes directly in Google Docs
4.6/5Integrates seamlessly with Google Docs and other Google Workspace apps.
ChatGPT Helper– ChatGPT conversation sidebar
– Auto-complete forms and text fields
4.4/5Simple and lightweight. Good for basic ChatGPT integration.

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